ACPA Additional Courses


For those who selected the BTEC Top Up Course they will have an extended timetable, with hours of further training provided in addition to the 16 set hours scheduled hours.


The Level 4 DDE is an Ofqual regulated teaching qualification, which provides an excellent introduction to a career in teaching dance. It offers student teachers a clear pathway to become a qualified dance teacher with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and allows the opportunity to engage with up-to-date research in best practice related to dance teaching and learning.

This will be additional timetable hours also.


Top Up Course : £4800 per year

DDE Training : £2750 per year


Terms and conditions apply upon acceptance to the College.


  • 16 – 18 years old at the time of the course commencing.
  • 4 GCSE passes at Grade 4 or above (English and Maths are compulsory).
  • Previous training in Performing Arts is advised, however not a necessity (we recommend students to be at Grade 5 or higher in Dance).
  • Legal right to reside/study in the UK for the entirety of the programme.
  • Successful audition through Adagio Performing Arts, details of which will be seen below.
  • Evidence in hard copy of all the above must be provided.


After completing the application process you will be invited to attend one of our audition days where you will be required to demonstrate the different variety of skills. More information about the auditions can be seen below.


Application to the Core BTEC course can be completed using our online application form.

With our admissions policy, we reserve the right to alter or withdraw offers at any point.



BALLET CLASS (Dance & Performing Arts Pathway)

The Ballet audition will begin with Barre work, which may include Plies, Battement Tendu, Battement Glisse, Ronds de Jambe, Adage and Grand Battement. This will be followed by Centre work, which will consist of an Adage, Pirouettes and an Allegro section, which will include Petit Allegro and/or Grand Allegro.

Required attire:
| Black leotard, pink or fleshtoned tights and ballet shoes. Hair must be neat and off the face, preferably in a bun. No loose jewellery or watches to be worn.
| Black leotard, black tights and ballet shoes in black or white with socks to match the colour of the shoes. Hair should be neat and secure. No loose jewellery or watches to be worn.


The Jazz class will consist of a short warm-up followed by corner work consisting of travelling steps, turns, kicks and leaps. A short routine will follow that will focus on style, dynamic range, theatricality and performance.

Required attire:

Ladies | Coloured leotard, black tights, Jazz shoes and trainers that is suitable for dance (i.e. no Converse or similar fashion shoes that are not designed to dance in).
Men | Black leotard, black tights, Jazz shoes and trainers that is suitable for dance (i.e. no Converse or similar fashion shoes that are not designed to dance in).

SOLO PERFORMANCE (Dance & Performing Arts Pathway)

Auditionees are asked to prepare one dance piece in their preferred style – no longer than one minute. This should showcase your strengths and highlight skills that you wish to present.
Please bring your music on an iPod or suitable device with aux cable connection and adapter.



Auditionees are asked to prepare a piece no longer than one and a half minutes.

Monologue from a Play (Dance & Performing Arts Pathway)

Either a modern piece (after 1880) or a classical piece from a play. You may be asked to workshop with the panel.

  • The speech should be no longer than one and a half minutes.
  • Ensure monologue is from a published play. It should not be extracts from poems, novels, films or television scripts.
  • Please perform the speech in your native accent.
  • Select a speech that are performed by characters close to your age.
  • Auditionees should wear attire that best represents you and/or helps with your acting performance of the monologue.
  • Song – musical theatre (Performing Arts Pathway)


Please prepare a musical theatre song suitable for your vocal range to be sung from memory. Backing track is required via MP3 format.

Once the auditionees have completed the Dance, Singing and Acting portions of their audition, they will be required for an interview.

The Interview will help us gain insight into the student’s interests outside of the rehearsal studio, personal and professional goals and help us assess whether the student is ready to enter a program consisting of rigorous training. It is also an opportunity for the auditionees to ask any questions to the panel that they have regarding the training and any other details they want to enquire.

Resumes, headshots, videos and other portfolio are not required. Please do not bring these materials to the audition.